Strategic Marketing. Brand Management. Public Relations.

Dedicated to helping businesses drive revenue, increase brand equity, and create awareness.

Who We Are

MMS::Maven Marketing Solutions is a strategic marketing, brand management and public relations consulting firm dedicated to helping your business achieve its goals. We provide everything from brand creation through marketing/PR strategy and implementation.

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What We Do

We create customized, flexible and effective marketing and public relations strategies, to help businesses drive revenue, increase brand equity, and create awareness, serving as your virtual Marketing/PR department or delivering on a one-time project.

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How We Do It

Brains and hard work! We build strategic and sustainable programs that become the foundation and growth drivers of your organization, by utilizing creative solutions, transparent project management and implementation based on priority, effectiveness and budget.

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No One Cares

The truth is that your target market does not actually care about your brand and your product or service

How to Modernize Employee Communication to Improve Business Alignment

Companies with engaged employees outperform those without by over 200%. However, in most organizations today, over half of employees are either not-engaged or actively disengaged from their jobs because they don’t understand how their work relates to the company’s goals and don’t believe their voice matters. This is where relevant and timely internal communications is critical to addressing employee engagement challenges.

To Tagline or Not to Tagline

The answer lies in a simple test: show your logo to 3-5 people you don't know, then ask them what they think the company does. If they are correct, you don't need a tagline, otherwise you do.

How Pokémon Go Can Help Market Your Business

In case you missed it (ICYMI), the free app "Pokémon Go" was released on July 6th and offers potentially increased foot traffic to your business. Find out how here.

Targeting to Reduce your Marketing Spend

Advertising can be the highest cost tool in your marketing mix, so advertising in an effective AND cost efficient way is essential.

7 Steps to Developing a Marketing Strategy in the Digital Age

In today’s digital age, marketing is more dynamic, exciting and accessible than ever. Here are few tips to develop a marketing strategy within your organization and get your entire company moving towards the common goal of growth.

The Most Powerful Marketing Tool in the World

The most powerful marketing tool your business can access is WOM

Integrated Marketing: The wheel that keeps your business moving forward

Successful integrated marketing is based on guerilla tactics in conjunction with sales to seek out the audience through multiple channels and provide them with relevant information which will drive a conversion for the company. Marketing provides the leads to the sales team, and the sales team closes the deal (hopefully). But if the two do not work together, there is a disconnect and the company will suffer.

Budweiser Re-branding

Budweiser is attempting to draw a hard line around it's "territory"

Great New Solution for Automated Pinterest and Instagram Marketing

Let’s be honest, if you’re a marketer and trying to reach audiences through Pinterest and Instagram, the posting, tracking and reporting process is painful. However, I was pleased to find an application designed to help manage and report on Pinterest and Instagram recently called Tailwind. @tailwind, @pinterest,@instagram,#marketing automation, #social media marketing, #social media measurement