We’re pleased to welcome BungoBox, Austin’s first reusable moving box rental company to the practice.  We will be working with the Austin franchise to create awareness for both residential and commercial markets, as well as a strategy to support growth, and look forward to working with the team!

BungoBox rents recycled and recyclable industrial strength plastic moving boxes to commercial and residential customers, as an alternative to the traditional cardboard box. BungoBoxes do not need packing tape, come with removable contents labels, security features to prevent tampering; they are stackable and crush proof.  Their core product, BungoBoxes have custom fitted dollies that allow for easy movement and alleviates most of the lifting typically involved with moving.  They deliver the rented moving equipment to customers prior to their move and pick them up at the new location once the move is complete.  All this is accomplished at a price point that is up to 50% less than purchasing the traditional cardboard box.  Visit www.bungobox.com for more information.