When I moved to Austin, TX in the Spring of 2007, I needed a dentist.  I remember searching for one on Google during our drive into town, and very few came up.

My husband and I were relocating and knew no one in town (except his family in North Austin), so we had no referral source. I found Authentic Smiles and Dr. Shane Matt online — a young dentist who turned out to have the most sophisticated equipment I’ve ever seen in a dental office.

I was very impressed with his technology including X-ray guns, digital review screens in every room, CAD-like systems to design and build crowns in-office vs. providing a temporary for three weeks while it was being built in a lab, and I asked him about his practice to learn more. I have never come across a dentist with a passion for technology and using the best tools, and I wanted to learn more.

From the beginning, it was clear that he was not the typical dentist.  The aesthetic of the office was warm and inviting, all kinds of music was playing (blues, rock-n-roll, Americana – the typical Austin experience) and there was a piano in the lobby for musicians to play while waiting for their appointment.

Over the years, we became friends and I worked with him on several projects benefiting local Austin musicians (Holiday HAAM Jam album and other events) with the help of my business partner Tracey, and even my husband, as we love the Austin music community.  What struck me is that everywhere you go, people love this guy and want to help him.

This morning, the Austin Business Journal reported on his endeavors with a wireless mouthguard called the “e-Bite” that dentists can use to create more realistic models of their patients’ teeth.  When patients chomp down on it, it then transmits their dental data to the labs that build mouthguards to prevent teeth grinding and the devices used to treat sleep apnea. The e-Bite can also be used for patients receiving cosmetic dentistry or braces.

I’m so proud of Dr. Matt, and know that he will be successful with his endeavor. Although the device is about a year away from the market, it is sure to change the world of dentistry and improve treatment for patients.

So many people have ideas that they never do anything about and look back with regret. Not this guy, and I’m so proud to call him my friend and rock-star dentist. If you’re in the market, Authentic Smiles is the place to go.  For more information about his endeavor, read the full article here>>