The more I work in marketing, the more I realize we’re in the middle of a revolution.  Specifically, a software revolution.  Why couldn’t I have been born a code geek?

As a marketer, we work very hard to streamline processes and efficiencies for our clients to automate as many areas as possible, and build systems for growth.  This means creating websites on Content Management Systems with RSS feeds, including forms with API’s to centralized databases like Sales Force, and automated processes for PR via Facebook/Twitter.

Over the years, I’ve identified many areas within marketing/lead generation that have needed improvement, but have not had the talent to create a plug-in application that would solve the problem.  If only I had the ability to knock out code, I’d be filthy rich!

However, in recent years, with the advent of Facebook for business relations, I’ve noticed a paradigm shift in the industry which will hopefully roll over to other applications like, etc.

Every day I find a new software application that has some whiz-bang functionality to assist with exactly these processes.  As an example, RSS Graffiti.  It’s an “application” within Facebook that, if installed, pulls RSS feeds from other sources (your website as an example) and automatically posts it to your profile and fan page wall.  It also posts it on the walls of the “friends’ you’re connected with.  This has huge value with regard to public relations and viral media.  Brilliant!

There are hundreds of these applications floating around out there just for Facebook. It’s too difficult to keep up.  But the good news is, people are thinking about solving problems, streamlining processes and increasing efficiencies.

Bottom line — it’s all about the application.  Using the right tools will save time, keep things simple, and enable a competitive edge.  My kind of business!


Mary McKeown-Christie, Founder, Managing Principal
Maven Marketing Solutions