In 2015, approximately 2,000 new marketing applications entered the market. Here are a few more standouts you need to pay attention to:



Marketing Budget Management: Bizible. Bizible allows the B2B marketer to figure out which campaigns and channels perform. It simplifies the business development maze with an API that creates visible channel performance at the click of a button.

Business Development Accelerator: Cadence scheduling platform helps you move prospects through your pipeline faster by automating the scheduling of your sales team. It promises to increase the number of demos you book by 300 percent and has clients like Twilio, Oracle, and IBM.

Retail Customer Engagement: Engage CX helps specialty retailers spot and connect with customers on the customers’ terms. The software isn’t about driving marketing messages and tracking qualified responses, but rather, customer connection to help him or her interact. If you are on the platform, you instantly know your customer and can engage their history, no matter if they reach out to you by social, phone, walk in, or interact online.