Leading Real Estate business process management and technology solutions provider RETransform™, selects Maven Marketing Solutions (MMS) as the agency of choice to facilitate growth through strategic marketing, social media and public relations work.

Due to the recent acquisition of Property View Solutions (PVSI), an integrated property management and accounting software company based in Dallas, TX, RETransform needs assistance to move into a new growth phase throughout the US.  Maven Marketing Solutions  expertise in the areas of real estate technology and services markets, as well as thorough understanding of strategic, viral marketing and public relations, provides a full service solution.

RETransform™, an Annet Technologies company, is the global leader in Real Estate business services.  For more than 12 years, RETransform has been at the forefront of business process management and services for commercial, residential, retail and corporate real estate.  With experienced staff, technologists and analysts, RETransform partners with real estate organizations to support their business management and technology needs on a long-term basis.  RETransform provides a strong foundation for real estate organizations to build on, and supports growth through affordable business management services and technology solutions.