The pat answer to that question is, of course, to increase your site’s SEO. And that is absolutely important.

However, blogging can accomplish so much more than just good Google rankings! To name a few benefits:

  • Community: building a community based on your brand is invaluable. Consistently blogging on topics pertinent to your specific expertise and/or industry will build your brand’s identity.
  • Trust: providing helpful and interesting information engenders trust in your brand.
  • Keeping up: if you are blogging regularly, you have no choice but to stay up to date on relevant information, either to spark new ideas of your own, or to re-post great content to your community.
  • Team building: allowing your employees/associates to add content to the brand’s blog empowers them and contributes greatly to esprit de corps in the ranks.
  • Sales: at the end of the day, all marketing activity should contribute directly or indirectly to revenue and blogging is a terrific means of testing out the relative effectiveness of brand messaging, fishing for and qualifying leads.