I’ve been in the moving business for over 30 years, and had absolutely no online marketing or PR presence. Mary and Tracey changed all of that within months, and to my astonishment, grew my business 60% in the first year of working together.  Their knowledge of integrated marketing, public relations, and best practices in business management has completely overhauled my business and allowed us to move into new markets successfully. I’m very grateful to them, and would highly recommend them to any business.

Mary Kopp

Tracey and Mary helped us through incredible changes in the last 18-24 months. As a 90+ year old company on the third generation, we had some historical helps and hazards. I was absolutely thrilled with what The Mavens were able to do for us as we rebranded, changed names, and relocated all within a month.  The Mavens created and implemented a strategic marketing and PR plan to increase the company’s reach into new markets and helped us directly with PR, marketing, messaging, even some décor consultation to insure we had a customer friendly environment.  They guided me through the rebranding process and recommended a creative firm who worked patiently to create a logo that embraces our history as well as our current and future presence. The Mavens then continued with our marketing efforts that including web updates, email campaigns and newsletter, and advertising calendar and budget.

What the Mavens brought to me was priceless, and I am forever appreciative for how Tracey and Mary both helped transition, brand and grow our business.  They came highly recommended to us, and I highly recommend them to you.

Luci Miller

I approached Maven Marketing because we needed to update our image, our web presence and marketing in order to attract new customers to my restaurant.  Maven helped me by listening to my concerns and guiding us through the process.  The result was that our web site and social media have become major components in our marketing and we’ve attracted many new customers and accelerated our growth and profitability.  I appreciate their attention to detail and level of personal service, which goes beyond what I expected from a marketing company.  Working with Maven Marketing has been a very positive experience for Las Palomas Restaurant and I would recommend them to other businesses that need help to update and improve their marketing.

MariCarmen Desentis Corona Dale
Owner, General Manager / Las Palomas Restaurant & Bar

Tracey came in at a critical time to help us at Saks with a major marketing event. She was sensitive to the team, brought insight and created a spot on action plan we were able to deliver. Her professionalism, experience, network, and ability to understand not only our local store but omni-channel goal was very impressive.

Ann Kasper
General Manager / Saks Fifth Avenue

Mary plus your business equals Growth. If you want potential clients to know who you are, how to find you and to convert, Mary is the right person for the job.

Shane Matt, DDS

I had the good fortune of working with Tracey at Fila, a leading global sportswear brand. One of the many things I respect about Tracey is her willingness to collaborate on a cross-functional basis with her colleagues from marketing, product development, sales and finance. Tracey is a savvy marketer who understands the importance of maintaining brand integrity when building a global licensing program for the company.

Howe Burch
EVP/Managing Director / TBC Advertising, Baltimore MD

As a marketer, I am impressed by Tracey’s ability to ground creative thinking with sound business practices. Tracey has her finger on the pulse of the marketplace, and is adept at combining this with knowledge of Operations, Finance, Manufacturing and Sales/distribution channels. In sum, I find her savvy, engaging, and the most important litmus test: able to bring her creative ideas through to tactical implementation.

Carol Lynn Martens
Consultant / Marketing Metier

Tracey Nelson is the rare combination of being an expert in her field and an absolute pleasure to work with. She has a modern and highly effective brand marketing toolkit in addition to being able to create customized successful strategies.

Juliana Prather

Mary is a detail oriented, high energy, incredibly positive and very insightful marketing and public relations professional. These attributes have clearly helped her to make important contributions in subsequent positions. I would immediately consider Mary for hiring in my company today.

Kerry Pope
EVP Sales and Marketing / Intuitive Surgical

I’d hire Tracey and Mary again in a heartbeat to help me with marketing and with website design.  Everything about it was expertly done and it was so easy on me.  And it worked – my patients loved it.

Dr. Sara G. Austin, M.D.
Neurologist / Seton

I had the pleasure of working with Mary when she first came to Austin, and signed up to perform the Public Relations function for Cleanovation 2010.  Being new in town, Mary did an outstanding job navigating her way into the relevant media principals and acquired significant coverage for our event in local, national, and international media. Kudos Mary.

Arie Brish
Conference Director / Cleanovation Cleantech Conference