A friend of mine sent me this a while ago and I’ve kept it on file for years.  Came across it by accident this afternoon while cleaning house.  They say there really aren’t any accidents in life and that everything happens for a reason, so I guess I found this today to remind me that I’m living the dream.

Starting your own business is challenging to say the least, but I’m blessed with two terrific business partners, I love my work, and know that with perserverance we will reach our goals. In the big scheme of things, I have to remember that it takes time to build a business and to be patient.  It’s just difficult when you’re working so hard and not moving forward as fast as you’d like.

This manifesto remindes me to be grateful that I’m able to follow my passion for helping small businesses and non-profits through my love for marketing and PR, and that all good things will come in time.  This is MY life, and I’m proud to say that I am living the dream and wearing my passion.  Not many people can say that, especially in today’s day in age.

I hope this Manifesto finds you for a reason, and you’ll print it out and post it on your refrigerator for a while like I did.  Sometimes you just need a  reminder to quit you’re cry’n and get moving.  Life is short, so make the most of it.  And remember that you’re not alone.