A good friend invited us to celebrate his birthday with him in Las Vegas this weekend and one of the highlights of the trip was the opportunity to see Penn & Teller’s magic show.  They were just as amazing as we all wanted them to be – and successfully tricked us, though we were sure they couldn’t!

But more than just a performance, Penn & Teller is, of course, a brand and brand extensions were numerous. A 30-floor projection of their logo and images appears on the hotel in which they perform and the theater also carries their brand name. There were logoed items available for purchase before and after the show and the Penn & Teller website offers additional brand touchpoint opportunities, including music and magic tricks.  However, the most effective Penn & Teller brand touchpoint I witnessed was the performers themselves.  After the show, both men were in the lobby signing autographs, posing with fans for pictures and answering questions.

These are canny marketers, who clearly understand the importance of interaction with their customer base and the power of that personal touchpoint.  No matter what your business is, you are your brand’s most powerful touchpoint.  When a prospective or current customer interacts with you, either in person, or via email or phone, they project the qualities they perceive in you onto your brand, whether it is the large corporate entity that employs you, or your one-person consulting business.

The good news? The personal touchpoint is the most powerful, and is also the easiest to control. Project the qualities you would like your brand to have – confidence, professionalism, fun, warmth, etc – in your own public persona.   So much less expensive than advertising!


Tracey Nelson

Principal, Maven Marketing Solutions